southern indiana paranormal society
Kitterman House
No personal experiences
We found no evidence.  
Conclusion not haunted.
Perseverance Chapel
Two team members told to leave in a certain area
and was getting high emf readings at the same
time. There was nothing caught on film or tape.
We did get a few nice orbs from this haunt.
Conclusion cant prove to be haunted at this time.
Spears House
became total dark as if someone walked in front of it
and then light was gone they where the only two in the
house at the time. We found nothing on film or tape.
We did get a lot of evp's from this haunt direct
responses to the questions being asked.
Conclusion Haunted
More Detail Coming Soon
Lemp Mansion
Two of our investigators went to the mansion while
on vacation to see what they have heard was true.
After all the personal experiences they had from doors
opening and closing, being touched, and the evps they
have caught. They feel that this place definitely has
some activity.
SIPS is planing a future trip to the mansion to do a full
Freedom Land Cemetery
was breathing and touching in different areas. We
found nothing on audio but we did get a few nice orbs
in the areas where the experiences took place we
were getting some emf spikes at the time of those
Conclusion cant prove to be haunted at this time.
Wesley Residence
there was no personal experiences
no audio evidence or video evidence
Unable to determine anything paranormal going on at
this time.
Helton Residence
this place was a tough case really had a hard time
finding out what was going on here. and still working
on this case so will come back to it once we have
closed it. waiting on clergy