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Diffrent Types Of Hauntings
Residual Hauntings
Residual hauntings are somewhat hard to describe, but are fairly common. Also
known as "psychic impressions," residual hauntings are considered by many as the
most experienced type of haunting. When a ghost or event is seen over and over
doing the same thing, this is a residual haunting. Most footsteps and ghostly noises
that are heard in a haunted place are of the residual haunting type.  The residual
sounds can be heard over and over. Think of a residual haunting as a movie being
re-run on TV day after day. It is believed by ghost hunters that some events, due to
perhaps strong emotional energy attached to it, imprint themselves somehow on
the environment where the event took place. Sort of "trapped in time," the event is
recorded in the atmosphere of a place. If one were to see a ghost doing the same
activity over and over, and with no response to the present environment, it is most
likely a residual haunting.  Residual hauntings are past events playing in the
present, but with no interaction with today.  It is a common ghost hunter’s theory
that most residual hauntings occur in places built over top of limestone, quartz
stone and/or water.  These seem to act as a transmitter, perhaps creating the
perfect environment to allow the residual haunting energy to manifest. How can
residual hauntings occur? Energy is spirit and spirit is life. All of us are spirit, with
or without the physical body, and we live and exist within spirit. Spirit is the life-
force of all, whether plant, animal or human being, and is everywhere. Everything
that is, exists within spirit. Spirit or energy is everywhere. Thus, is it possible for an
event or person to imprint its energy upon a place? Most ghost hunters believe so...

Anniversary Ghost
Anniversary Ghost : This is a type of residual haunting where ghosts are seen on
the anniversary of their death, originally caused by some tragic event. These are
particularly common in building hauntings and relate back to legends of tragedies
from centuries past.

Crisis or Death Bed Ghost
Crisis or Death Bed Apparitions: These apparitions appear to loved ones or close
friends just before or soon after their death. They are very common ghost sightings
that almost never occur after more than four days after death. Crisis apparitions are
most popular during periods of wars were hundreds of cases of the appearances of
dying or dead service men thousand of miles away are reported. The crisis ghost
appears one last time to fulfill a promise, say a final goodbye, or express eternal
love to help ease the sadness of death for the living left behind.

Intelligent Hauntings
Intelligent hauntings are those in which the ghost interacts with the present.  It is
intelligent, in that it may communicate with those on the earthly plane.  The
disembodied person has elected for some reason to stay or maybe just visit the
physical world, due to a connection with a person, place or thing. Intelligent
hauntings may also occur due to a spirit's compelling need to deliver a message
from the other side of the grave, or to watch over loved ones.  In addition, it is also
plausible that intelligent hauntings occur due to attachments the ghostly person
feels through memories, trauma, tragedy or any other emotional tie, effectively
binding the mind to:

1)maybe not realize the person’s body is indeed deceased

2) Completing unfinished earthly business

3) Re-living traumatic events, as the mind replays the event in trying to comprehend

4) Perhaps hang around loved ones or persons the ghost finds like company with

5) Not letting go due to fear of death and moving on to a new world

Intelligent hauntings manifest typically in what some may consider "signs." Hiding
or moving objects, doors opening and closing, strange sounds, spiritual presence
(Goosebumps, e.g.),

Disturbance of electrical devices are all examples of ghosts attempting to gain
someone's attention and communicate from the spirit realm. One may also
experience dreams and visions of loved ones, especially right before or after sleep
when most are open to contact (and the left brain is quieted down). It is also not
uncommon to physically see a ghostly loved on, as well. The best thing one can do
is remain open to the contact and listen to what is heard deep within, as that is how
ghosts primarily communicate. Speak to the spirit, your ghostly friend, in words of
peace, understanding, blessing and love.

Poltergeist Hauntings
Poltergeists hauntings may be the most misunderstood type of haunting. Some
believe that poltergeist hauntings are not even a haunting at all.  The German word,
"poltergeist," means "noisy ghost."  The best defining mark of a poltergeist is if
there is any manipulation of the physical environment such as the movement of
objects, physical attack, spontaneous combustions, etc, then this is a poltergeist-
type of haunting. A common thread between different poltergeist hauntings has
strongly indicated that they are caused by psychokinesis (the ability to move things
by power of the mind alone).  The question becomes whether the psychokinesis is
from the people who live within (or visit) the place where the activity takes place, or
if it is actually occurring from an unseen troubled spirit, called a ghost.  The reason
for this is because typically poltergeist hauntings center around an adolescent girl
(although young males and even adults have exhibited the same phenomena) in
the household. Typically, this central person is usually emotionally disturbed in
some fashion and is somehow the root cause of objects moving, knocking sounds
(and other noises), the turning on and off of lights and electrical appliances, etc.  
What is interesting is that the person, whom the activity centers around, is unaware
that they are the one who is bringing about the disturbance.  But in true poltergeist
hauntings, none of the activity will continue after the person is removed from the
environment, as they are not there to create it or influence an unseen entity.  
However, it has been reported that activity can return later if the "right" person
visits or lives in a notably poltergeist-haunted place.  This would lend one to
believe that it requires a combined psychic energy to manifest such terrible
hauntings. The central figure in a poltergeist haunting actually brings additional
energy which the troubled ghost then uses to manifest with physical attacks or
manipulation.  This can be especially true if one is somewhat psychic and/or full of
fear.  The ghostly entity seems to feed off of low energies such as fear.  This is
when more harmful attacks can occur.  Sometimes the effects of a poltergeist are
more playful than harmful but have been known to be downright nasty.  Reports of
scratches, bites, harmful objects being put in one's way (such as glass shards on a
pillow or tacks under a bed sheet) have been noted,"Ghosts haunt houses;
poltergeists haunt people."  Perhaps many times, the troubled spirit wants only to
communicate a message to those who still are in bodies.

Whatever the truth of the poltergeist phenomena, poltergeist hauntings are a
powerful demonstration of the human psyche.  Mysteriously, poltergeist hauntings
seemingly go away as quickly as they began.  The most famous and terrible
accounts of a poltergeist attacking a family is the Bell Witch. John Bell's daughter
was severely troubled and central to the haunting.  Many believe she was sexually
abused by her father and this is what sparked a nightmare for the family.

Non Human
Demonic non human A  demon (unlike a Ghost)  is a spirit that has never lived, was
never born  and  therefore  never  died.  Demonic spirits  can  take  on  the
appearance  of  benevolent  spirits  of  the deceased for the purpose  of  gaining  
our  trust  and  then  be  able to  move unhindered until it accomplishes  its  goal  of  
destruction.  By the time you realize what you are really dealing  with,  the  demon  
has  infested  not only your home but  also  your   life.  Demonic  activity  can  
create  a horde of disturbances for you,  including but not limited to Health, Money
and  Relationship problems. They very often appear in cases dealing with Ouija
boards, black magic and satanic worship. This is why a ghost hunter should never
attempt to use a Ouija board to attempt contact with spirits. This type of spirit is
very dangerous, and CAN cause harm to the living. If you encounter an entity of this
type, never attempt to "exorcise" them yourself. This type of haunting should be
dealt with by spiritual experts.

This list compiled through the help of C W Paranormal Consultants and Ohio Paranormal Investigators.