Southern Indiana Paranormal Society
We are a Non-Profit Organization serving the
States of Kentucky and Indiana in paranormal
investigations.  Our Investigators are
dedicated to helping our clients understand
the hauntings, entities and paranormal
occurrences that may be occurring at their
residence or business.  All cases are
completely confidential. Depending on the
urgency of the help that is needed we are able
to do the investigation within a few weeks.  
Hauntings that involve children are a priority
to us and we will assemble a team
immediately. We do whatever it takes to get
you the help that you need. SIPS may be
contacted 24hrs a day 7 days a week. You
may contact Rob Kaiser
Mission Statement
Our mission is to help those who have no where else to turn. We are here to
help those who need answers to unexplained activities in there home or place
of business.  
There is no fee for our investigations.
Latest investigations
Seeing ghosts & being haunted is not something to be ashamed of & often
these victims have nowhere to turn for help.
It doesn't mean that you're crazy & we're here to arm you with information that
may help. You are not alone. Our goal is to educate believers & skeptics alike,
because there is so much more out there than most people are aware of.
Our First Orb
Not big on orbs however. When we
took this picture we was getting
high emf readings and was being
told to leave by something .
Sips Founder
This is Rob founder of SIPS . Taking
emf readings in a small family grave
site behind a clients home.
Hoosier Strike & Spare bowling alley.
Wesley Residence
Helton Residence
.Willams Residence
Southern Indiana paranormal society