southern indiana paranormal society
Equipment We Use
Sony camcorders are extremely useful due to their ability to record video in complete darkness. When in
Nightshot mode, they emit light in the IR spectrum...and then record images of whatever is illuminated using a
CCD sensor within the camera. They record these images on  tape.
We also use an external ir light that allows the camera to see farther and more clear in complete darkness.
We use dvd express dx2  USB analog-to-digital converter to import these analog images into computer. This
allows us to image-capture from the video for our Investigation Albums and to select video-clips to include in
our investigation reports.
We use 4 Sony color CCTV day/night vision IR cameras.  The LED's illuminate the IR spectrum, allowing
for crystal clear video images in complete darkness. The camera's signal is carried back to the DVR and
monitor by cables for recording and real-time remote observation.

All four of our stationary cameras feed back to a EchoVue 404  160gig 4-channel stand alone DVR to be
digitally recorded. This is the heart & soul of the stationary camera system . The images from the
stationary cameras are all displayed on a flat screen tv as a monitoring station on investigations.
These small devices are capable of recording hours of high-quality audio in
their flash memory.  These devices do not have the noisy internal moving
parts that analog cassette and mini-cassette tape recorders have. Olympus
is not the only brand available but we recommend it. We use different types of
software to closely examine and analyze our audio files.
Digital photography is cheap and easy.  Most of the personal cameras brought on our investigations are digital.
There is virtually no limit on the number of digital images you can capture. Investigators take digital
photographs for the purposes of documenting the location of the investigation and at any time there are
indications that they may be in the presence of paranormal activity. We upload all images to a laptop for
a closer look at the pictures.
The electromagnetic field meter detects changes in the electromagnetic field, both natural and
supernatural. It has been said that when a spirit is present, the emf field changes between two
and seven milli gauss. Normal levels are from .1-1.0 milli gauss. We recommend this type of
unit. It is very easy to read and you are able to tell the difference between paranormal and a
man made field.

The K-2 Meter is the same but this unit uses lights. It is not as easy to read.  Telling the
difference with this unit is much harder. We use this unit to let the spirit communicate with us
by making the lights flash for yes and no answers.