Southern Indiana paranormal society
Rob Kaiser
I was born February 4, 1976 in New Albany, IN.  I had my first paranormal
experience at the age of 14.  My room would stay ice cold. It was so cold that I
could see my breath.  This was during the summer and my house did not have
any air conditioning.  I was pushed, items thrown about my room.  I had a full
body apparition appear in my doorway that my dog could also see and chased it.

Strange experiences continued until eventually my mother, brother and I could
no longer stay in the house.  As years passed I became more and more
fascinated with the paranormal.

So I started doing a lot of in depth research and with time I saved money to buy
equipment for investigations.  We are here to help others like me. That have no
place to turn .
Rob Kaiser
Pat Hatchell
Tony Hart
I was born August 3, 1980 in Louisville, KY. I had my first paranormal experience
when I was about 12 yrs old. There was something in my house banging on my
doors and running back and forth upstairs of my house. I moved shortly after that
because of all the foot steps keeping us awake at night.

I have always wanted to be a paranormal Investigator to be able to help the other
side on why they want to be here and have not yet passed over. I have always
had a connection with the spirits on a daily basis they even call out my name.

I met Tony in 2008 and later found out he had experience's himself and he wanted
to learn more about it so I taught him everything I knew. Later we went and got all
the equipment we needed and started doing small Investigations with great
success. We will always have a desire in the paranormal field.
I was born Jan 19, 1976 in louisville, KY. I had my first experience when I was
about 13 yrs old. I had been at a friends house waiting for them to get home as I
was waiting stuff began to move and break threw out the house. When my friend
returned home I had told him what had happened and he informed me that there
was paranormal activity and they had also did three cleansings in the house with
no luck of getting rid of the evil spirit.

So after going through that when I was younger I knew something was
out there and I wanted to learn what it was and to help them in anyway
I could to why they want to be here and to want to haunt people in their homes.

I met Pattie in 2008 and found out she did alot of paranormal research so she
taught me alot of stuff that I didn't know. So this will be a life long hobby for me.
Angie Schramm
I was born in November of 1974 and had my first paranormal experience when i
was very young.  My Grandmother lived in a house that was believed to be
haunted and every time I stayed there something always seemed to happen, things
from cold spots, mysterious lights to footsteps.
When I moved away from home I moved into a house that was supposed to be
haunted.  My roommate and myself had many experiences from footsteps to
touching to objects flying across the room.
Ever since then I have always been interested in the paranormal and have wanted
to know more.
I had my first paranormal experience when I was very young.  I saw full bodied
apparitions that would interact with me.  I was an Army brat moving from place to
place so I had many different experiences.  My paranormal experiences continued
as I grew up.   I am interested in helping others deal with the experiences that they
are having.
Brian Schramm